Audit of the MMK Sinter Plant Aspiration System

Audit of the MMK Sinter Plant Aspiration System

Environmental regulation is an integral part of the modern world economy. The issues of carbon footprint reduction, modelling of various emission reduction scenarios and the global commitment to decarbonisation of the ferrous metallurgy pose new challenges for the industry.
As part of this worldwide trend, MMK which has been cooperating with DHM GROUP for many years, has adopted an investment strategy that has essentially become an environmental development strategy.  
At the beginning of 2021, DHM GROUP signed a contract under which it produces a new modern sintering machine for the MMK and is currently in the final stage of the construction. 
And now DHM GROUP is embarking on a new ambitious task - MMK has selected our Company as an expert to conduct an audit of the aspiration system of the existing sinter plant. Within the framework of this project, the DHM GROUP specialists will analyse the objective situation, identify the problems and provide the Customer with a vision of the main technical solutions for aspiration system arrangement. The main objectives are not only to significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment, but also to reduce the impact of harmful production factors on the working conditions of factory staff. 


In the near future, the stabilization and enhancement of the environmental situation will attract the leading metallurgical market players’ considerable attention, and DHM GROUP will actively participate in this process by offering innovative solutions.