About Company


Strong foundation


1945 – 1991 The history of DNEPROHYDROMACH dates back to the Central Metallurgical Equipment Design and Engineering Department established in 1945. The Department was later renamed into the All-Union Research and Development Institute for substituting machinery for handwork in the iron and steel industry, maintenance and mechanical work. Later the Institute became the main research and development hub in the iron and steel industry in the Soviet Union.


The Institute was entrusted with rebuilding the equipment destroyed during the war and creating new high-tech machinery for substituting the heavy work in the metal industry. The Institute’s staff amounted to over 1,500 people.


In 1984, Gennadiy Alymov becomes the head of the hydraulic power unit department and then a deputy general director. He leads major projects for designing various hydroficated machinery and mechanisms. In 1991, the collapse of the Soviet Union results in the reorganisation of the Institute including a new name, structure, and ownership.



Establishment and development


1994 Gennadiy Alymov decides to establish the DNEPROHYDROMACH Joint-Stock Company for designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art technological equipment for the metallurgical industry. At the core of Company stands a team of most qualified engineers and designers.


1994 – 1995 The first ever hydraulic taphole machine with a built-in pump unit was designed for ferroalloy furnaces. The project was implemented for the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant (Ukraine). This project led to the development of the main area of DNEPROHYDROMACH business.


1998 – 2000 Major work for designing state-of-the-art hydraulic units for taphole drilling machines and mud gun machines for blast furnaces. The main goal is to replace all outdated electromechanical equipment.



Critical point


2000 Implementing the first in the CIS integrated project for rebuilding a blast furnace for Zaporozhstal OJSC which included an aspiration unit, a two-level cast house and state-of-the-art hydraulic equipment. This acted as a critical point in the history of DNEPROHYDROMACH.


Within a short timeframe, our company produced a full set of hydraulic equipment for the cast house, including taphole drilling and mud gun machines, trough cover manipulators, tilting runners with a hydraulic power drive, a hydraulic power unit and a control system.



Active development


2001 – 2009.  Expanding our product stock-list and entering the markets in Russia, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, and Belorussia. Within 10 years, we manufactured over 150 hydraulic units for blast furnaces, over 40 units for ferroalloy furnaces, 5 full-set sintering units and numerous non-standard equipment.


2010 – 2011  Completed the development of a new hydraulic charging unit HydroMech Top. This included designing a working model used for research and testing.


2011 Opening a representative office of DNEPROHYDROMACH in India and expanding our sales geography.


2012 – 2015 Opening representative offices in Russia and Slovakia. Supplying to markets of Central America. We have signed a contract with the largest company TATA Steel and secured positions in the Indian market.


2018 DNEPROHYDROMACH becomes DHM Group