Hydraulic charging unit

Hydraulic charging unit

Hydraulic charging unit ‘HydroMech Top’ is the result of many years of work by DHM GROUP experts. The design of the new hydraulic charging unit incorporates the majority of modern technical solutions based on all current requirements for blast furnaces.

  • Depending on Customer’s requirements ‘HydroMech Top’ can be with one or two middle holding hoppers.
  • The stock distributor chute is shaped as a tapered pipe with the angle ranging from 0° to 53°. Such angle helps to charge burden materials along the entire cross-section of the furnace neck and exactly through the middle.
  • The reduction gear box is placed outside the furnace body and cooled with water and nitrogen. The allowed temperature of blast furnace gas is 500°С.
  • All components of the hydraulic charging unit are made with no rubber and non-metal seals which minimises the need for sinter cooling.
  • The charge centring unit prevents impact of middle hoppers placing against to the distributor, regardless of the number of stock tracts.
  • Due to its unique compact design, ‘HydroMech Top’ can match any size of existing blast furnace piles without any need to change the angle of the hoist incline.
  • ‘HydroMech Top’ is designed to satisfy blast furnace requirements of any capacity - from 250 to 5500 m3.