Pig casting machines

Pig casting machines

Pig casting machines are used on metallurgical enterprises for form casting, pig cooling and loading into rail carriages.


Depending on the requirements to the ready goods, the forms can be made with a varying number of holes and different weight of cooled pigs.


  • Pigs can be single- or double-stranded, depending on the required output.
  • Units are equipped with a hydraulic manipulator specially designed by DHM GROUP which helps to cast iron directly from the platform of hot-metal ladle truck.
  • No need to build a construction component for the tilting hoist.
  • There is a trough branched into two sections for casting into forms on double-stranded units.
  • The main elements of conveyor chain, subject to friction during operation, are made of wear-resistant steel.
  • There are two areas for water cooling in each machine.
  • Each machine includes a unit for preparing and applying its non-stick coating.
  • The conveyor speed can be changed by adjusting its frequency.
  • Even with different ladle incline angles, iron is cast with the same speed.


The advantages listed above ensure that forms are filled evenly and cooled effectively. They also help ensure the high quality of our products.