Stationary taphole equipment

Stationary taphole equipment

Based on the specific parameters of furnace sites, DHM GROUP offers a set of stationary hydraulic taphole equipment.


  • Equipment is mounted onto support beams or its own foundation.
  • Equipment drives are powered by a pump unit located in a separate area.
  • The pump unit is capable of powering equipment on several furnaces.
  • Equipment is operated from a stationary control panel or by a remote control.



Stationary taphole drilling machines


Design of hydraulic taphole drilling equipment manufactured by DHM GROUP ensures its accurate and secure positioning on the taphole axel. The drilling machines are equipped with specifically designed hydraulic punchers HPP-720, which is a smaller version of HPP-980 used for blast furnace tapping.


During normal operation the high drilling torque of HPP-720 provides fast and safe taphole opening without hammering application. This extends the service life of taphole blocks. Overcoming the harder sections of the taphole is possible with high-power hammering, which can be applied at any moment.











Stationary mud gun machines



Plugging efforts of hydraulic mud gun machines allows filling the taphole clay through the entire length of the taphole channel which prevents the taphole block from being eroded by melting products and extends its service life up to 10-15 years.


The stationary mud gun machine doesn’t require any additional grips on the furnace. Depending on the specific project requirements our engineers select optimal volume of plugging cylinder, which usually stands in the range of 40 to 80 liters.