Suspended taphole equipment

Suspended taphole equipment

Historically, designing and manufacturing equipment for ferroalloy furnaces has been one of the first lines of business for DHM GROUP. Our experts started working in this area from manufacturing suspended hydraulic taphole equipment, some of which has been in use for over 19 years already.

The following types of machinery can be used depending on the layout of specific furnace and based on the optimal location of equipment on working sites:

  • Suspended taphole drilling machines
  • Suspended mud gun machines
  • Combined suspended machines

The machines are of compact movable design and can be transported through suspended tracks using hydraulic drive. One machine can service several tapholes or furnaces. As a rule, all hydraulic drives are operated through a pump unit mounted on the frame of the machine, ensuring its maximum mobility and minimising the need for any additional energy supply.


Combined suspended machine for ferroalloy furnaces is a set of equipment that provides both tapping and plugging operations. All machines can be operated by a stationary or remote control equipment.