Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders

DHM GROUP is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders for severe operating conditions. For many years, our cylinders have been in use both by our own equipment and equipment manufactured by other producers. This alone acts as a proof of their reliability and high quality.


Specifications and types of hydraulic cylinders:

  • Piping diameter – from 25 to 400 mm.
  • Inner cylinder diameter – from 14 to 280 mm.
  • Stroke cycle – up to 2,300 mm.
  • Working pressure – up to 32 MPa.
  • Bidirectional hydraulic cylinders.
  • One-directional hydraulic cylinders.
  • Hydraulic cylinders with a control.
  • Hydraulic cylinders with different types of binding.
  • In our hydraulic cylinders, we use only those seals which are manufactured by leading world manufacturers.