Hydraulic drive design

Hydraulic drive design

Competent development and high-quality manufacturing of hydraulic drives act as a key to the reliable operation of hydroficated equipment. During many years of its operation, DHM GROUP gained its reputation as one of the leading companies in the area of manufacturing hydraulic equipment and drives.


We offer design, manufacturing, setup and commissioning, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of different hydraulic systems. We work face-to-face with each Customer, trying to find optimal solutions for each project. We supply:


  • Pump units with different production capacity.
  • Accumulator units with different hydraulic capacities.
  • Hydraulic control systems with varying complexity.
  • Separate valve hydraulic units.
  • Support equipment (filtering and cooling units, tanks, etc.).
  • Centralised lubrication systems.


Our company can help with diagnostics, preparing and upgrading available hydraulic systems or independent hydraulic units and drives. We use only commercially available hydraulic components of leading manufacturers in the world.