Sintering pallets

Over 10 years ago, DHM GROUP designed and patented its design of cast-welded sintering pallets for sintering machines.


Our pallets are in use since 2003. Their high performance, durability and total lack of deflection in metal structures are proven.


In 2010, DHM GROUP upgraded its previously developed design using special steel which has an increased strength and is suitable for high temperature environments for manufacturing support beams for pallets. This helped reduce the overall weight of the pallet by 30% while reducing its load on the drive and increasing durability of its guide beams. The qualities of this steel are equal to those of spherical graphite iron.


  • Sintering pallets are made using a mixed method – moulded sides and beams welded with the sides using flat steel with no bolt joints.
  • Runners are made using enclosed bearings that need to be lubricated with high-temperature grease no more often than once every 4-6 months.
  • Sintering pallets are made with strong load seal, which helps increase rarefaction under the grate, thus increasing the performance of sintering machines.
  • Pallet design and used materials eliminate any possibility of pallet deflection.
  • Using more durable and heat-resistant materials significantly reduces the weight of pallets, thus reducing the drive load.
  • No potential loosening of the grate, reduced grate loses and material spillage.