Drilling tools

To keep schedules for blast and ferroalloy furnace cast production and to ensure durability of taphole units, special equipment should be used for taphole drilling.


DHM GROUP recommends its Customers to use hollow beams, such as boreholes or seamless steel pipes with the diameter of ø 32 (33) mm, and cast crowns. Compressed air or nitrogen are used to cool drilling tools and to remove destroyed taphole mix.


During taphole drilling, cast crowns of the required diameter are used as cutting components. These are made of high-strength cast iron. Hollow beams and cast crowns in combination with functional features of hydraulic punchers manufactured by DHM GROUP provide a number of advantages:

  • Safe taphole drilling when working with any type of taphole mixes.;
  • High speed of drilling in a shockless mode;
  • Ability to produce an evenly adjusted taphole line.