Pneumatic hammers

Commercially available MP-450 pneumatic hammers produced by DHM GROUP are used as replaceable parts for size II and II diggers. Pneumatic hammers are used for destroying hard rock, fire-proof casing, slag, concrete, and build-ups during construction and installations, repair of metallurgical units and facilities.


Specific features of MP-450 pneumatic hammers:

  • Drill valve chest of pneumatic hammers ensures high frequency of strikes during repairs helping to protect the back lining.
  • Air-cooled jacket of the body enables to undertake hot repairs.
  • Automatic launch and shut-off when pressing and releasing working tools (like chisels) help save energy and protect the body of pneumatic hammers from destruction.
  • Durable and wear-resistant body and movable parts of pneumatic hammers.
  • Pneumatic hammers are equipped with a frangible coupling.