Stripping machines

Tops and necks of hot-metal ladles tend to build up a mixture of cooled cast iron, slag and graphite. This reduces the available capacity of the ladle, causes delays in discharge and losses in cast iron. To solve this issue, DHM GROUP offers stripping machines for ladles of any size.

  • Stripping machines are hydraulic manipulators with a crane mounted on a rotating platform with a suspended pneumatic hammer developed by DHM GROUP.
  • To balance out impact loads during work, the unit has dynamic protection - a shock mount.
  • Pneumatic hammers minimise any risks of combustion during hot repairs.
  • Stripping machines are stationary and fixed on a special frame in the area dedicated for repairing ladles, which provides the operator with good visibility and helps process ladles on conveyors with an average speed of 4-5 per hour.
  • The pump drive can be powered by either diesel or electricity.
  • Stripping machines can be controlled from a comfortable and secure manipulator car or by a remote control.