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History of the Company

DHM GROUP has a history of over 30 years, starting as a small engineering office with just a few employees and growing to become a leading international company in the field of machine building and design development for metallurgy.


The history of DHM GROUP (former DNEPROHYDROMACH) is closely connected with the Central Design Bureau of Metallurgical Equipment, founded in 1945, later renamed as the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Labour Mechanization in Ferrous Metallurgy and Mechanical Repair Works and becoming the main research and development site for ferrous metallurgy in the USSR.


Hennadiy Alymov established the Joint Stock Company «DNEPROHYDROMACH» with the goal of developing and producing cutting-edge process equipment for metallurgy. He assembled a team of the most skilled engineers and designers from the institute to form the foundation of the company.


The world’s first hydraulic plugging machine for a ferroalloy furnace with hydraulic power pack installed directly on the machine was developed and manufactured for Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant in Ukraine. This first project served as the beginning of the development of DHM GROUP.


DHM GROUP was actively involved in creating modern hydraulic machines for drilling and plugging the cast-iron tapholes of blast furnaces, aimed at replacing outdated electromechanical equipment.



In a significant moment in the history of DHM GROUP, the first comprehensive project for reconstruction of the Blast Furnace at Zaporizhstal Iron & Steel Works was successfully implemented. Scope of works included first two-level flat cast house with dedusting system and modern hydraulic tapping equipment. 

The biggest challenge of the project was to design and produce more than 200 tons of complicated hydraulic process equipment in just 7 months timeframe. Young growing company DHM GROUP accepted the challenge and managed to deliver in time several mud gun and drilling machines along with trough cover manipulator and tilting runners with hydraulic drives, hydraulic power pack set and electric control system. This set up the beginning of new era for DHM GROUP.


Over the course of 10 years, DHM GROUP expanded its range of manufactured products and entered new markets of Kazakhstan, Russia, Eastern Europe. During this time company produced more than 150 hydraulic machines for Iron making and Ferro-alloys plants, as well as several complete sintering machines and more than 500 various non-standard equipments. 

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The DHM GROUP has embarked on the development of a new Blast Furnace charging unit, named HydroMech Top. As part of the design process, an operational model of the equipment has been created, which is currently undergoing rigorous research and testing.


DHM GROUP expanded its global presence by opening office in India, which allowed the company to expand its delivery capabilities to new regions.

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Improved communication processes with European and Asian Customers by opening offices in Slovakia, Russia and South Korea. DHM GROUP also expanded its reach to the markets of Central America and supplied its first set of equipment across the Atlantic Ocean, later on to the first Customer in India, one of the largest and oldest steel making company – TATA Steel.


Vast international and domestic growth of the company led to necessary rebranding and DNEPROHYDROMACH becomes DHM GROUP.

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The DHM GROUP is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in the company’s history. Over the past twenty-five years, the company has grown from a small design bureau to a leading producer of hydraulic equipment and metallurgical solutions, thanks to the leadership of Hennadii Alymov and the exceptional work of our team. We remain committed to our mission of providing the highest quality products and services to our Clients, and we look forward to many more years of success and growth.

2017 - 2020

DHM GROUP is undertaking an active modernization and reconstruction of its production facilities to improve its quality, capabilities and production volumes.

One of the latest achievements is the launch of a new foundry shop within the plant, which is equipped with modern smelters, process equipment and laboratory. This new shop allowed DHM GROUP to increase the quality of castable elements, speed of production and also added new potential business unit.

Additionally, the company has also implemented and launched the production of new drilling tools, further expanding its product offerings and strengthening its position in the market.



We have established a strategic partnership with M-Technology, an engineering company that ranks among the foremost project organizations in the metallurgical sector. By combining our efforts, we are now equipped to undertake comprehensive turnkey projects for our valued clients.

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