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Costumers relay on our tapping technology

Costumers relay on our tapping technology

After detailed study of the various tapping equipment for the ferroalloy furnaces produced in  Western Europe and Asia, experts of Taraz Metallurgical Plant (Kazakhstan) have chosen DHM GROUP as the best combination of price and quality.

Once again, our company undertook the manufacture of specialized hydraulic equipment in the shortest possible time. Customer has delivered a difficult task to «fit» new equipment into existing working platforms with minimal modifications of the shop structures . Earlier at the Taraz Metallurgical Plant hydraulic equipment for opening and closing of the tap holes were not used, its implementation will significantly reduce repair costs of the taphole blocks, as well as bring automation to the hard manual labor and improve the safety of operation.

Complex of stationary tapping equipment will be designed and supplied to serve two SAF furnaces of 25 MVA.

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