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Developing at the pace of Industry 4.0

Developing at the pace of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the fusion of business, manufacturing and society with digital technologies.

DHM GROUP pays close attention not only to new technologies, but also to the integration of existing ones into one system.

DHM Group’s cyber-physical systems provide for the improvement of manufacturing processes: they enable real-time data exchange between industrial equipment, logistics, business management systems and customers. In addition, these systems allow for automatic monitoring and control of the entire process, including the adaptation of manufacturing to the current needs of customers. The implementation of cyber-physical systems in plant processes makes it possible to use data from equipment condition monitoring sensors and analytics in maintenance planning.

Forecasting systems help to: 

– minimize risks of equipment failure and avoid downtime

– adjust the plan of maintenance works

– minimize repair costs and extend the service life of equipment

These trends are largely shaping the future of industry worldwide, and DHM GROUP participates in the process of evolutionary development.

Industry 4.0

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