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Excellent outcomes!

Excellent outcomes!

In June 2012, the DHM GROUP team together with Tulachermet OJSC (Russia) performed a test study of upgraded welded sintering pallets.

The TC-3.0 pallets, designed and upgraded by our company, have been in use by the sintering machine No.1 at Tulachermet OJSC since May 2011. The most outstanding feature of the sintering pallet designed by DHM GROUP is using heavy-duty steel supporting beams for operations performed in high-temperature environments. This decreased the total weight of pallets by 30% and significantly eased off the load for the drives of sintering machines.

The committee analysing the outcomes of the test study noted the complete lack of any pallet bending and a high performance of its bearing box. In order to continue their study of the new state-of-the-art structure of sintering pallets, Tulachermet OJSC and DHM GROUP signed a contract for the supply of the second trial batch.


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