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DHM GROUP will supply taphole drilling machine for Essar Steel India Limited

DHM GROUP will supply taphole drilling machine for Essar Steel India Limited

According to the international audit company Deloitte, the metallurgical industry is one of the most technologically advanced and interested in integrating innovative solutions into production. The key goal of such changes is to increase productivity and reduce costs. Automation of business processes, implementation of big data, marketing research and many other modern solutions are actively being implemented in all areas of business. However, technology always has been and remains a key element in production. Therefore, on the way to lower costs, metallurgists’ initial choice is always – equipment upgrade.

Many companies prefer ordering a turnkey design and delivery of cast house equipment from Chinese manufacturers. Which is quite meaningful as consequently by partnering with only one enterprise, customers get a complete cast house ready for operation, where everything is properly working, and cost-effective. But… …what if not? What if improperly? What if the equipment maintenance cost starts increasing year by year? How, trusting such a responsible project to one partner, to be 100% confident in the quality of each piece of equipment?

A similar situation happened to at ESSAR Steel India Limited. Having received a turnkey cast house, the customer soon began to experience difficulties in operating the taphole drilling machine. Significant losses in production, such as cost overruns of materials and spare parts, the need for frequent repairs, led to a situation when the heads of ESSAR Steel India Limited decided to replace the insufficient equipment.

DHM GROUP won the tender for the supply of a new taphole drilling machine. With this modern fully hydraulic machine, taphole opening requires only one drilling set and takes up to 1 minute. The fully automatic operation makes the process fast and safe. Being one of the world’s top manufacturers of cast house equipment, DHM GROUP guarantees the quality of the equipment supplied and also provides after-sales services throughout the machine’s lifetime.

Production of complete cast house on turnkey terms is not only a tidbit for any machine-building enterprise but also a huge responsibility. After all, each element of a complex system should work without fail for up to 15-20 years and needs the narrow specialization of manufacturers. Unfortunately, more and more metallurgical plants, while saving budgets at the purchase stage, suffer significant losses in the maintenance and repair of equipment in the long run. Even the industry giants such as ESSAR Steel are not immune to such risks. For more than 25 years, DHM GROUP has been designing and manufacturing blast furnace and ferroalloy equipment for the largest plants around the world. The quality guarantee of our machines has been proven by many years of experience and dozens of satisfied customers. We are grateful to the management of ESSAR Steel India Limited for their trust and proud that more and more global industry leaders are choosing DHM GROUP.

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