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Eramet Comilog Manganese final acceptance of tapping equipment is completed

Eramet Comilog Manganese final acceptance of tapping equipment is completed

DHM GROUP cooperation with the French multinational mining and metallurgical company ERAMET began in 2020. At that time, a contract was signed for the production of two sets of taphole drilling, mud gun and rodding machines for the ERAMET COMILOG MANGANESE plant in Gabon (CMM).

The turn-key execution of this order was a significant and demanding task for DHM GROUP.  By organizing the process in an integrated manner, we were able to strictly control the realization schedule for all work items on the site. For several months 2021 at the Сustomer’s plant (CMM) the construction, installation and commissioning works were in progress under the guidance of our specialists, who managed the processes at all stages.   

DHM GROUP supervisors not only controlled all work items, but also checked and tested the readiness of the main and auxiliary equipment. Our specialists in mechanics, electrics and hydraulics supervised operation of all systems, optimized the process and adjusted it to the current technological mode.  

After their performance control, stable and smooth operation in the design modes, the equipment and systems of the complex were handed over to the Сustomer. At the end of a theoretical and practical training of the personnel who will then have to work with the equipment on site, our specialists have issued them certificates demonstrating their ability and their qualification to handle and carry out the maintenance of the technological equipment. 

The ERAMET plant in Moanda (Gabon), is the world’s second largest producer of manganese alloys. Successfully completed work package within precisely agreed deadlines proves the expertise of our company as a responsible manufacturer of equipment for metallurgical production.


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