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The most advanced blast furnace of Ukraine

The most advanced blast furnace of Ukraine

In November 2011, Enakievo Metallurgical Plant started to operate the blast furnace No 3 provided with the most advanced process equipment. DHM GROUP has been appointed to supply the unique package of cast house hydraulic tapping equipment.  

Taphole drilling machines and manipulators mounted on supporting columns of the furnace are peculiar features of the BF-3 cast house. This arrangement of equipment which is unique in the CIS territory allows to reduce the length of the main runner removable cover to 2,5 meters.

Optimal layout of the equipment within cast house limited space conditions allowed achieving maximal results of the project. Combination of best available technology with the Company’s latest engineering developments significantly increase safety of the personnel operations, reduce cast iron temperature losses before ladling and provide efficient operation of the aspiration system.

Besides, for the BF-3 gas cleaning system, DHM GROUP designed and produced hydraulic power pack that provides control and operation of dust discharge valves, scrubber water discharge valve and element with the annular space for pressure regulation under the furnace top.


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